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In any possible way. Often used in the negative. We need to court that big investor by any means, so shameless flattery is a fine place to start! Not by any means.
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Learn more. Through a study of compulsory purchase orders CPOs on the site of the Athletes' Village for Glasgow's Commonwealth Games, we expose CPOs as a classed tool mobilised to violently displace working class neighbourhoods. CPOs can be used progressively, for example to abrogate the power of slum landlords for social democratic ends, yet with the increasing urbanisation of capital they more often target marginalised neighbourhoods in the pursuit of land and property valorisation.

The growing use of CPOs as an exceptional measure in urbanisation, we argue, requires urgent attention in urban political struggles and policy practice.

Volume 47 , Issue 2. The full text of this article hosted at iucr.

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Immediately afterward, G'Kar contacts Sinclair and insists on meeting with him immediately. Overwhelmed, Sinclair reluctantly agrees to meet him before the meeting between Zento and Connoly. G'Kar explains at the meeting about the G'Quan Eth plant and how important it is to his religion. As the highest-ranking member of his faith on the station, it is his duty to provide one for the Narn followers. Sinclair agrees to talk to Mollari, but is doubtful that he will be able to change his mind. Sinclair goes directly to Mollari and appeals for him to sell the plant.

Mollari obstinately refuses, telling him he would rather burn the plant than hand it over. Sinclair informs G'Kar of the bad news before going off to deal with Zento and Connoly. G'Kar contacts Na'Toth to tell her to "proceed". Sinclair's meeting with Zento and Connoly does not go well, as both sides refuse to give an inch.

Zento invokes the Rush Act, certain he will get confirmation of it from the Senate within the hour.


He tells Sinclair to have the security forces get ready to arrest Connoly and anyone who stands by her side. Connoly still stands strong, knowing the consequences. She and the Docker's Guild know that violence will be employed, but are weary of being underpaid and overworked. Moments later, Mollari storms in, with G'Kar right behind him. Mollari accuses G'Kar of stealing the statue of one of the Centauri gods from their temple, a charge that G'Kar vehemently denies. Sinclair has Ivanova usher them and Ms.

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Cramer all out of C'n'C before turning his attention to the strike. Senator Hidoshi contacts Sinclair, confirming that the Rush Act has been implemented, and instructs Sinclair to end the strike immediately.

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Sinclair reluctantly orders Garibaldi to move his security teams into place in full riot gear. When word of the Act reaches the Guild, they stand strong when Garibaldi and his teams arrive. Garibaldi announces they are all under arrest, at which point a brief fight erupts. Sinclair soon orders Garibaldi to pull his men back out.

He then goes in with Connoly and Zento and announces a solution to the strike: as he has been given full authority to end the strike "by any means necessary," he opts to end it by reallocating money earmarked for the station's military budget to meet the Guild's demands. He also grants a blanket amnesty to all the workers. The workers enthusiastically embrace the deal and immediately go back to work. Meeting the two ambassadors, Sinclair orders G'Kar to return the statue and informs Mollari he is confiscating the flower he learned that it is a controlled substance, giving him the authority.

Mollari is annoyed, but agrees not to fight the action, seeing as how the Days of G'Quan are over and thus it is too late for G'Kar to use the plant. After he leaves, G'Kar is thankful but the religious moment has passed. Sinclair, however, points out that it may not be too late the ritual is supposed to occur when the first sunlight comes above the G'Quan Mountains on Narn Sinclair points out that the ritual light — from ten years ago — has been traveling through space and is just about to reach the station.

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G'Kar happily accepts this solution and sets off to prepare the ceremony. Back in his quarters, Sinclair gets a final transmission from Senator Hidoshi. He commends Sinclair for what he did, but warns him that he may have made some enemies in addition to Zento, who has refused to let the matter rest. Sinclair shrugs nonchalantly. Click on the arrows to change the translation direction. Follow us. Choose a dictionary.

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