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SHE'S GONE is about Netti Quill, a young would-be romance novelist, who mingles with waterfront mobsters in a naïve attempt to acquire experience and.
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We turned the corner into Parliament Square and I gazed across at the Houses of Parliament, not yet tired of staring at them even though I saw them every day on my way to work. They were a Victorian idea of medieval grandeur and there was something fantastic about them, something unreal about the delicate tracery, the honey-colored stone, the soaring gilt-topped towers. From here, Britain had ruled the world, temporarily, and the buildings remembered. They were a physical manifestation of the superiority complex that was bred into the British, my father had said once.

He had little time for the Empire and less sympathy for the country he lived in. Nor could I count myself as British. I was born in London of Irish parents, bred and raised as an Irish girl, despite the fact that we lived in Carshalton rather than Killybegs. I should have known Derwent was unlikely to be experiencing post-colonial guilt.

There were regular police operations to clear the lawn, but somehow the campaigners came back in ones and twos, and it was rare to see it empty. I tried to read the banners but it was hard to see them in the dusk, especially since they were rain-sodden. Dads Matter was small but growing and prone to extravagant publicity seeking.

Its leader was Philip Pace, a handsome, charismatic forty-year-old with a background in PR. He was a smooth talker, a regular interviewee on news and current affairs programs and had made the Top Ten Most Eligible Males list in Tatler the previous year. As the public face of Dads Matter, he made it his business to be reasonable and moderate, but as a group they were neither. They want the courts to split custody of children equally between parents. No exceptions.

When She's Gone

What about abusers? What about protecting children from that? They love them. The courts make their decisions on a case-by-case basis. These men are just sore losers. Two-parent happy families with hundreds of smiling, cheerful children. Fucking fantasyland. Everyone is very jumpy about it.

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You do all right at the small stuff, but you need a bit of a flair for strategy at my level. Every day. If I wanted to know about misogyny, right-wing conspiracy theories or competition-grade swearing, working with Derwent was roughly equivalent to a third-level education. Our route took us close to where the protesters stood, rain-blasted and pathetic, huddled in their anoraks like penguins in nylon hoods.

She's Gone - Steelheart Cover (by Dens Gonzalez ) [REACTION]

Most were middle-aged and a touch overweight. Derwent needed a fight occasionally, to do something with the aggression he seemed to generate just by breathing. But I was not going to be his punchbag today. Tell someone who cares. I turned on my heel and stalked across the room toward the only enclosed office, where Chief Superintendent Charles Godley was usually to be found. I rapped on the door and it opened as I did so, Godley stepping toward me so that we almost collided.

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  • I apologized at the same time as he did. My face had been flaming already because I was livid with Derwent, but embarrassment added an extra touch of heat to my cheeks. I was aware of Derwent grinning at his desk on the other side of the room, and the speculative glances from my other colleagues across the tops of their monitors. I knew that Godley attracted rumors of that sort like roses attract greenflies; he was head-turningly handsome with ice-blue eyes and prematurely silver hair, and I was the first woman he had recruited in a long time, though not the last.

    I also knew that people had picked up on the fact that I was extremely awkward around him all of a sudden. The general theory was that we had had an affair and I had ended it, or he had ended it, or his wife had found out and she had ended it. Maybe he did know about the rumors after all. Briefly, I explained what we had found out.

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    Godley listened, his blue eyes trained on my face. He had a gift for total concentration on whatever was in front of him, and it was a large part of his charm that he made you feel as if you were the only person in the world when he was listening to you. I could have done without the rapt attention, all the same. It made me too aware of my voice, my face, my tendency to wave my hands around while I was explaining things, my suspicion that my hair had gone frizzy in the damp evening air.

    Not that he cared about any of that. He cared about the fact that I had worked out, beyond any doubt, that he was utterly, totally corrupt. I had worshipped the superintendent, blindly, and finding out that he was a fake made me more sad than angry. And for all that he was on the take, he was still a supremely gifted police officer. But he had lied about that, and I was starting to change my mind about interfering. He started casually, carelessly ransacking the desk, opening and closing drawers. The desk belonged to DCI Una Burt, his superior and emphatically not a member of the very select group of colleagues that Derwent could stand.

    Nor was she one of the even smaller group who liked him. The FBI is called in and normally I am not a fan of the feebs but this guy is passable. The fact that the Russian mafia is involved seemed both timely and, at times, contrived based on current events.

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    However, the back story of bodyguard Ara Zuyev was both interesting and mostly believable and her Russian connection was plausible in this context. The characters were well developed, you rightly disliked the family but understood Zuyev's intense need to save the kidnapped daughter despite all that we learn about her. The writing had some flaws, there were some cliches that were typical of "first" novels so my rating is lower but overall it was a good thriller and I hope we see more from this author and this character.

    Feb 18, Kristen rated it really liked it Shelves: , series-thriller. In Jane Palmer's When She's Gone, the first installment in the Ara Zuyev thriller series, this fast-paced thriller will keep you at the edge of your seat. For bodyguard Ara Zuyev, a woman with a mysterious past and a former cop, she's sworn to protect Samantha Harper, the stepdaughter of millionaire Oliver Boone.

    When she was kidnapping from a restaurant, she chases the van that snatched her from her eyes. In order for them In Jane Palmer's When She's Gone, the first installment in the Ara Zuyev thriller series, this fast-paced thriller will keep you at the edge of your seat. In order for them to talk together, they needed to trust each other. For the both of them, they discovered that Sam orchestrated the kidnapping as payback, which had taken a dangerous turn for the worst. After Oliver receives a ransom request via phone, she listened to her message on the phone and played it back in her mind to connect the dots.

    She pieced the together about the forged paintings from the gallery, which has dangerous Russian mob connections. In a race against time with the body count piling up, Ara puts herself in the line and faces somebody from her past to bring Sam home.

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    Mar 04, Debbie rated it liked it. Good easy read. I will read the next installment though. Feb 14, Jessica rated it it was ok Shelves: library , suspense. Writing a good book is hard. If I tried to write one it would probably come out like this - which is to say it was as generic, boilerplate, and stereotypical as they come. Former cop with physical and emotional scars goes rogue, gets fired, and is working as a bodyguard. FBI agent trying to prove something. They team up to find an abducted teenager. But wait! There's more!