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And yet, how many understand that you can be the most deceived person in the Body of Christ and feel that way -- and think that you have the Truth? People do. People raise their hands in worship to God, with tears running down their cheeks, and they are living in absolute deception. I am not putting down their worship. I am just saying that is not necessarily real faith. See John No, faith comes by hearing the word of God -- which is an ongoing unfolding and revelation of Jesus Christ -- who is in us.

Can we see that the forming of Christ in us -- and our coming to an inward realization of Him -- go hand in hand together with our faith? This ought to make sense because it is only as we hear and realize the revelation of Christ that God is giving that faith comes to be. You cannot believe otherwise. You cannot believe unless God is giving revelation and Truth. There would be nothing TO believe. And yet, if God is speaking Christ, and we are hearing, then faith will come to be in us because by our hearing, we come into a realization of the Christ who is in us.

Remember how numerous times in the Bible, we are told that we need to have a faith -- not our own -- but the faith OF Jesus. This is stated in the New Testament numerous times. This ought to be fantastic news to see this. God is unveiling and unfolding Jesus Christ to us -- and as we open ourselves and embrace what God is revealing -- which is what it MEANS to hear -- then there will be a greater revelation of Christ in us, and faith will come to be alongside of that. How could it not? Substance and Evidence. This brings us to a couple of other conclusions. God does not speak anything but this.

You get to HEAR -- and if you do hear -- faith will come to be, and that faith will be real. It will be the will of God. It cannot fail. How many understand that this firmly establishes Jesus Christ as Lord? It shows us why we have to lose our lives to God. We are not on the throne in this matter.

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You have no authority to command God or to create reality or to create what you want in life. It is simply given to you and to me to hear and to carry a cross and to surrender to Jesus Christ. Faith is Relationship. Now, of course, Christian people have this habit of taking things like faith, and the other things I have just described, and turning them into something very mechanical, very doctrinal -- so that we must figure out what are the right buttons to push to get God moving.

It is mostly by writing THEM checks that they say will activate your faith -- or so we are told. We turn this into something which is nothing more than another religious practice — just another mechanical religious hoop to jump through to stay right with God; to get His blessings and so forth. There are lots of people trying to figure out what they need to do, or how they need to live -- not because they love God so much, but because the want to stay on His right side so that they can get blessings from Him, or even get their needs met by Him.

All of this is deception. Faith IS my trust, my dependence upon, my reliance upon, my surrender and losing of my life to God through Jesus Christ. Now, why in the world would I depend on God?

Faith in Christianity

Well, this brings us right back to Romans God is going to reveal Himself in Christ. Christ is the Word God speaks. This is the unfolding of Christ -- which is the Word of God spoken about there in Romans If we hear, we are going to come into Truth. It may be into an elementary and very small realization of the faithfulness of God. God cannot reveal Himself to us in any other way except the Truth -- and the Truth is that God is dependable, reliable and faithful.

Jesus is Lord. Now, we can memorize these concepts as doctrines, but then when the test comes, they wear very thin. We will find out that we just believed them religiously or intellectually or emotionally. Faith Must Be Tested. Now, that faith is going to be tested.

Evidence of True Faith in Jesus the Son of God | Sunrise Baptist Church

You have to face contradiction to your faith. In order to have your faith proven. In order to have not only your faith proven as valid, but also to have the Truth upon which that faith is based proven valid. But not just generally -- but to you and to me specifically, right now, in the circumstance that we are in. Job began to confess that God was true and faithful.

He knows the way I take. And when God has tried me I shall come forth as gold. But how many understand that faith can only come forth as gold if the Truth upon which our faith is based is proven to be more precious and valuable than gold? God Almighty right now has His people in a process.

What Is TRUE Faith In Jesus & His Promises?

It is a process, where, yes, we suffer, a process whereby we are going to suffer loss — not only perhaps of things -- but of everything about ourselves which we may have thought made us righteous. We are going to be turned inside out and exposed for the reprobates that we are in Adam. Number two, we need to be exposed in order to be set free from this. You let God expose you like that, and you will lose all of your righteousness and self-trust.

Now, can we see that not only is our faith in God being tested there, but God Himself is being proven as true to us? You look at all the examples in the Bible where the saints of old, all through the Old Testament and the New, went through great trial and contradiction to the word and to the faithfulness of God.

God gave them promises and they faced great conflict because of them -- and great contradiction regarding those promises. Some of this was of their own doing. It was reckoned to him as righteousness. Again, this is relationship based on a knowledge of God. You cannot truly believe that God is dependable religiously, intellectually or emotionally.

You have to see that He IS -- and then this has got to be tested. And so you and I are now -- just by virtue of the fact that we are living in an age and facing forces of an enemy which are absolutely contrary to everything that God is -- including our own nature and flesh -- which are contrary to everything Christ is -- who is in us by the spirit — because we are living in this age there is this battle going on -- and God allows circumstances to arise, wherein, if we will simply believe and lose ourselves unconditionally to God for whatever it takes in those situations, our faith will be strengthened.

But it will be because God Almighty in Jesus Christ will be proven all the more faithful. And this is relationship. Faith is not a duty. Faith is not something that God demands under threat of punishment. If you do, if you hear what I am saying, if you continually open yourself up to me for the Truth, I will be unfolding Christ to you, and if you hear, faith will come to be because Christ will come to be formed in you.

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This is what God is doing in a trial of faith. It is what He is doing in our lives. He is working a miracle that comes out of the new birth. God is doing this in us.