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On the contrary, Jeff says he needed three haircuts during the week treatment, and the hair on his arms and legs actually grew longer! His skin never lost its tan, nor did he experience any swelling. His blood cell count — both red and white — never dipped below normal. The red count even ran on the high side! He never got sick, nor fatigued. He and his wife spent every day waking up at 5 a.

Meet John Of God who claims to have cured millions including Oprah Winfrey | Daily Mail Online

Through it all, he never lost any muscle tone. The typical telltale signs of chemo were so absent that the nurses regularly assumed Jeff was just starting treatment. To which Jeff always told them it was by the power of God! And the tumors were growing to the point that Jeff could physically feel them. A week before Jeff and Kathy returned to the Mayo Clinic for a new round of body scans, Jeff woke Kathy up at 4 in the morning. Jeff could feel the tumor in his abdomen, and it had grown so large that it was starting to expand under his rib cage.

He shared the news with Kathy, and the two held each other as they cried together. The two returned to the Mayo Clinic and Jeff continued to feel the tumors growing. He could trace the outlines with his hands. Before heading into the next round of scans, Jeff dropped to his knees on the bathroom floor and asked God to have mercy on him.

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Still, he felt the physical presence of the tumors as the medical team ran the tests. Jeff and Kathy both dreaded the inevitable news as it came time to review his scans. To be honest, the scans look as good as they possibly could.

When God & Cancer Meet: True Stories of Hope and Healing

It was then that Jeff stood up to see the computer screen with his results. Like before, the top had his name and birthdate. But the picture beneath was completely different than before.

Healed from Stage 4 Terminal Cancer!

Jeff fell to his knees before God. As tears of joy and amazement streamed down his face, he praised the Great Physician who had healed him. Excitedly, he told the proctor all about the Lord of miracles and the power of prayer. And there was no earthly explanation for it! The proctor left the room to go share the scans with the doctor.

Yet, checking now, it was completely gone, as was the pressure under his rib cage!

The scans were so good that the proctor came back explaining there was no need for the doctor to see him. An elated Jeff and Kathy left the Mayo Clinic. Jeff came in a full pounds lighter only two days after doctors weighed him at the Mayo Clinic. In fact, his smaller waist finally forced him into buying new jeans.

Jeff shortly before the final trip to Mayo Clinic left and Jeff shortly after, 12 pounds lighter right Credit: Submitted by Jeff Sanderson. Nearly a year after his miraculous healing, Jeff continues to be in great health. All of his routine blood work checks remain excellent, as do his PSA levels. His story is so incredible that folks have started giving him superhero apparel to wear. He saw the evidence proving cancer covered his body so completely it lit his scan up like a Christmas tree.

But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed. Some people try to make this mean Jesus only took stripes for our spiritual healing. When the even was come, they brought unto him many that were possessed with devils: and he cast out the spirits with his word, and healed all that were sick: [17] That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Esaias [Isaiah] the prophet, saying, Himself took our infirmities, and bare our sicknesses.

These are regular people just like you and me. This is about what Jesus paid for and not about your performance. You can see and hear these testimonies and eighteen others online, at www. From the time Hannah Terradez was born, she had a rare autoimmune disease called eosinophilic enteropathy , which meant her body built up allergies to nearly every kind of food.

There was no known cure, only a radical survival method: a feeding tube. And at the age of three years old, she was still wearing nine-month-old baby clothes! Hope began to arise in their hearts. The Word took root in our hearts and became more real to us than what the doctors were saying. It was a done deal! The next day, they found where I was holding meetings and brought Hannah to have me pray for her.

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I told them it was a piece of cake for God to heal her and all they needed to do was agree with me in prayer. Then I told Ashley and Carlie they needed to walk out what they believed. Praise the Lord! How did this happen? They had to stand on this for themselves when the symptoms tried to come back. Let me share with you one more testimony. Back in , he had an itch on his chest that persisted, and when he examined the area, and he noticed a pimple-sized sore.

He dismissed it, but the itch remained. So, while he knew healing was available, he believed it was conditional upon his efforts. He continued to suffer, as the sore began to grow. After trying herbal remedies, to no avail, he went to see a doctor, thinking it was no problem. But when he learned it was a malignant neoplasm , a cancerous skin tumor, he panicked! But not wanting to do anything driven by fear, Mike cancelled his appointment with the surgeon.

Healing Is the Children’s Bread

Over the next several years, the growth became a very large and troublesome tumor requiring cleaning and bandaging several times a day. The tumor slowly drained the life out of him, and in his weakened condition, he was forced to quit his job. Mike purposed in his heart that he would seek the Lord and spend time in His Word.

While his intentions were good, he struggled as he began to see things in the Word contrary to what he had been taught over the previous twenty years. Still confused, he began confessing healing Scriptures, not out of understanding, but out of a desire to earn his healing.

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  4. As he began listening, the Lord confirmed things He had been showing Mike in the Word. I was waiting for the Lord to intervene again on my behalf, but he had already done that in Christ.